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Discovery Facial

Enjoy a relaxing and pampering moment with the Nelly De Vuyst experience. This introductory treatment provides freshness and well-being to the skin.


Keratolyse Vegetal Peel (60 minutes)

A remarkable deep exfoliant, made of vegetal extracts for tissue regeneration. Gentle exfoliation for dramatic results. The skin is glowing and regenerated. Recommended as series of 3 or 6, maintenance once a month or at season change.


Teen Facial (35 minutes)

Nelly De Vuyst understand the basic needs of teenagers: skin cleansing and extractions. This deep cleansing mini-care leaves the skin clean and healthy looking.


Instant Glow Mini-Facial (35 minutes)

Do you have a special event? Enjoy this instant glow care. Your skin will be hydrated and will glow with health and freshness. Perfect care before personalized make-up.



Package of 3 available $360

Bul’Mask Oxygenating Treatment (60 minutes)

Unique to Nelly DeVuyst, Bul’Mask is an ultra-oxygenating care which facilitates epidermis exchanges and permeability. It increases the penetration of Nelly De Vuyst corrective actives to maximize their action for dramatic results


Lifting Complex Facial (50 minutes)

This lifting care offer 18% more firmness in only 50 minutes. The synergy of Kigelia Africana associated with Quillajs Saponatia offers a true instant lifting while leaving the skin hydrated and supple.


Purity Facial (45 minutes)

Finally oily, impure, and dull skin has its beauty treatment. The lyophilized extracts of marine seaweed vivify the complexion and matify the skin eliminate shine and dull complexion.


Facial for Men (60 minutes)

This facial treatment is specifically designed to answer the specific needs of man’s skin. This treatment purifies, hydrates and soothes man’s skin while offering a relaxation moment.


Derma-Calm Treatment (45 minutes)

Specifically designed for sensitive skin. This treatment provides softness and comfort to skin prone to redness and irritation. The synergy of plant actives reduces inflammation and gives suppleness and serenity to reactive, hyper-sensitive skin or presenting symptoms of rosacea.


Organic Vitamin C Brightening Care (60 minutes)

Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? Is your complexion uneven? Discover this unmatched treatment which naturally addresses hyperpigmentation. This organic treatment based on vitamin C targets melanocytes, cells responsible of cutaneous pigmentation, for an even glowing complexion.


Oncology Treatment (40 minutes)

Specifically formulated for the most sensitive skin. This treatment gives softness, comfort and soothing to sensitized skin by chemotherapy or radiation. This cocooning treatment reduces inflammation and renders suppleness and serenity to the skin for an overall well-being.


Rejuvan-Eyes-Eye Contour Treatment (30 minutes)

Anti-aging corrective eye contour treatment to control the visible signs of aging. This complete eye contour treatment includes serums made of marine elastin and collagen, creams and masks with DNA. Wrinkles are plumped, skin is firmer and glowing.


Illumin-Eye-Eye Contour Treatment (30 minutes)

Illuminating eye contour treatment to reduce dark circles and puffiness while preventing premature aging. In 30 minutes your look will be younger, rejuvenated and glowing.