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Recover With Confidence, a nationwide group of dedicated hair loss professionals provides products and services to women who have been afflicted with hair loss due to cancer. Illuminations by Borrelli’s is proud to be its local partner and provider in offering patients individualized products and support to aid in their recovery process.

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Helping Women With Medical Hair Loss
You have enough things on your mind. Your hair loss shouldn’t be one of them. Medical hair loss is caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Though in most cases it’s a temporary condition-reversing itself once treatments stop-it can be very disconcerting to the woman who experiences it.

We know. We specialize in helping women whose hair loss has been induced by medical treatments. So we’re aware and sympathetic to all the challenges your currently facing.

Though treatments can cause a range of side effects that can be very difficult physically, none can be more psychologically and emotionally debilitating than the loss of your hair. What we’d like to offer you in this information is some advice on how you can minimize the effect of hair loss to boost your self-esteem and confidence on your way to recovery.

A wig is not just a wig
A wig is not just a wig when it comes to the woman with medical hair loss. It’s not being worn for reasons of fun and fashion, like many of the varieties seen in wig shops. It’s not a whim, and certainly not something that you plan to wear for only a few hours while out on the town.

For medical hair loss, a wig serves to replace your hair-as authentically as possible-and restore your self-confidence. You should feel comfortable in it, and about it. Not only should you feel good about wearing your wig, you should look your best, as well. That’s why there are many considerations you should take into account when choosing a suitable wig. Here are a few of them.
Fit and feel.

The fit of the wig is of vital importance, for reasons of comfort and security. That’s why custom fitting by certified “Recovered with Confidence” professionals produces the most desirable results. Why?

The cap of the wig-the part that is directly in contact with your scalp-must conform to your scalp as closely as possible. This will prevent the wig from shifting on your head and will make it secure for you to wear in almost any circumstance.

The feel is also important. A scalp bared by chemotherapy can often be tender and sensitive and as the hair begins to grow and, the scalp can also become itchy. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a wig that’s created from only the softest, silky as and lightest materials. Which is why we only offer medical hair loss patients wigs that conform to these specifications.

In our experience, most women want to keep their hair loss their secret. If that’s the case, you want to select a hair style and color that closely matches your hair before you begin your treatments this way, we can help by having your wig ready for you when you need it. To this end, it’s very helpful to bring recent photos of yourself when choosing a hair replacement. You might also want to cut off a small lock of your own hair before you lose it to match its color precisely or your consultant can do this for you prior to treatments.

As we said earlier, the most important factors about wearing a wig are feeling comfortable in it and feeling comfortable about it. The more closely your wig matches your growing hair, the more comfortable you’ll feel wearing it and the more confident you’ll feel about yourself. So choose wisely, and carefully.
Regarding choice.

If you’ve read through this entire information, it’s easy to see that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a wig-including the choice of not wearing a wig at all, but instead using a scarf or hat to cover your hair loss.
It all has to do with you, and what you’re most comfortable with. And they are certainly no reason why it has to be an “either/or” decision. You could switch between scarves/hats and wigs whenever you feel it’s appropriate to do so.
However, the fact remains that in many situations, scarves and hats are not appropriate. That’s why the option of having a natural looking wig is so desirable to most women.

How can we help:
Our business is dedicated to helping women who are experiencing medical induced hair loss; we are committed to doing our small part to help you recover with confidence.

We’re in the service business and we are here to help women like you. Our certification by “Recover with Confidence” is evidence of our expertise.
Our help extends to many areas. For example, we can assist you with getting your insurance to offset the cost of your hair replacement, and provide all the necessary paperwork.

We offer a large, beautiful selection of wigs in both human hair and synthetic. Our medical hair loss specialists will custom fit your wig and alter its design to meet and exceed your every expectation.

We are very conscious of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to women with medical hair loss so we’re careful to only offer the most comfortable designs that feel and look as natural as can be.

Most important of all, we provide a private, caring, compassionate environment. We’re sensitive to your situation and your unique needs. You have our word that will do everything we possibly can to help you “Recover with Confidence”.
So please, feel free to call us at any time to ask questions, or to schedule a discrete, confidential consultation with one of our certified professionals.

Please call today for your complimentary consultation: 770-827-2100

What Our Clients Say

Mary Ann Williams

I have been going to Borrelli’s Salon for a very long time. Jana Driver has always cut and colored my hair. I get so many compliments on my color and highlights, it’s awesome. Jana also does my granddaughter’s hair, Shanice Cornelius. We love Borrelli’s and Jana. I would recommend her and Borrelli’s to anyone. In…

Debbie Miller Aubrecht

I absolutely love Borrelli’s Salon. I stopped in one afternoon a couple of years ago to see if someone could could do a quick blow out and style. That is when I met Aryanna. I have very thick hair and she knows exactly how to work with it. She always knows how to style it…

Jessica Garner

I moved to Georgia 3 years ago and was so afraid to find a stylist I could trust and would handle my hair correctly. I have often been over charged for “long hair” and ended up with a mullet because people didn’t know how to properly add layers to long hair. I can’t express enough…

Barbara, Illuminations Client

“I had a wonderful experience working with the team at Illuminations. When I learned I had to go through chemo, I was shocked and scared. Hearing that I would lose my hair after the first treatment was so upsetting. Illuminations was a miracle – Kelli immediately began to style a wig that looked so much…

The Illuminations Team

The Illuminations Team is a highly educated team of professional Cosmetologists and Estheticians offering patients a customer service experience that is informative and compassionate. Kelli Christie, owner and hands-on Cosmetologist has provided services for clients dealing with hair loss for over 15 years and has 25 years’ experience as a hair care professional.

Illuminations employs only licensed professional Cosmetologists and Estheticians that are trained personally by Kelli to have the unique understanding of providing services to clients that are going through different hair loss experiences. The Illuminations team customizes your appointments to allow you to feel like yourself by customizing wigs, providing skin care, and assist in selecting products to wear alternatives to wigs.

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