My name is Lori Nichols. I am 42 years old and diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. I lost my hair during chemotherapy treatment. When I lost my hair I lost control of my personal life. Walking around with a doo rag or a scarf wrapped around your head tells everyone you have cancer. You no longer have control of who knows what any more. That all changed when I met Kelli Christie from Illuminations. She invited me to Borrelli’s Salon in Alpharetta for a wig fitting and styling. Kelli has a private room set up for this service so you remain comfortable and not self-conscious about your baldness in between wigs. Kelli made sure I understood the differences between the wig styles and hair types available. She discussed my lifestyle and looked at pictures of me to help me decide the best wig for me. Once we decided on a wig, my mother and I stepped out for lunch so Kelli could get started on customizing my wig. When we returned she had my wig colored, styled and ready to be cut. Just seeing it in her hand I started crying… It looked like my hair (before I lost it). I couldn’t wait to put it on. I couldn’t wait to feel and look normal again. Kelli did a great job at cutting and styling my wig. When I looked in the mirror it was like I never lost my hair at all.

When I am wearing my wig I am able to sneak through society without anyone knowing I have cancer. I look and feel normal. The day I got my wig is the day I regained control of my personal life. Thank you Kelli Christie, Hair loss specialist, Licensed Cosmetologist and Owner of Illuminations and Borrelli’s Salon for helping me feel beautifully normal.

Lori Nichols, Breast Cancer Fighter

My Stylist, Kelli Christie, has done it again—meaning transforming my appearance to one I would have thought impossible just a year ago. I have struggled with hair thinning and loss for some time and was pretty much resigned to the difficulty of having any kind of hair style. However, after a personal, private consultation with Kelli, I decided to try a hair piece. She was open and friendly yet very
professional. She was extremely knowledgeable about the latest advances in solving the problem of thinning hair and spent a considerable amount of time explaining to me every aspect of what I can expect. Kelli styles my hair to blend with the hairpiece and it’s easier for me to use at home than if I were working with just my own hair.

I just can’t express how happy I am with this hair system. It has given me more confidence—and I have to credit Kelli who has the unique ability to style, color and blend the hair piece with my own hair. I can only say to anyone despairing of their thinning hair, give Illuminations, and Kelli, a try. Call me if need be—but don’t think you have to live with thinning hair because you will be surprised how
easy it really is to get a full head of hair at Illuminations.


I cannot express what a wonderful experience I had working with Kelli and the her team at Illuminations. When I learned I would have to go through chemo, I was shocked, scared and adding to it all, I was upset to hear I would lose my hair after the first treatment. Kelli was a miracle – she immediately set to work to style a wig that looked so much like my own hair, even my mother was fooled. But Kelli is more than just an expert stylist – she teaches make-up tricks and even
helped me learn to apply false eyelashes. But the most important thing to know about Kelli is her compassion, empathy and knowledge of what to expect; she helped me get through a very difficult time with dignity. Thank you Kelli!


I consider myself to be so blessed to have had your expertise in selecting and styling my customized wig for hair loss due to chemo treatments. I absolutely love my wig – it means so much to me to have something that is both flattering to me and that doesn’t have that “wiggy” look. As I pass others, in the grocery store, particularly other women, I look out of the corner of my eye to see if they are giving me a backward glance as they pass by – I feel so relieved that I have passed the test, and that my wig looks so natural!

The fact that you were willing to open your shop on Sunday morning so that my daughter could be there for me whenever you did the fitting meant everything to me. I can’t say enough about your sensitivity and caring manner during my initial consultation, and then later when I had the final fitting.

You turned what was a difficult experience into a positve one for me. Thank you.


In my 15 year professional relationship with Kelli, I have found her to be a person of impeccable integrity, fully of genuine compassion and kindness for other. Kelli has an amazing ability to see the inner beauty in every woman she serves and truly has a gift to break through the barriers to allow that beauty to shine through.

Pam Flowe, RN. Nurse Manager, The HOPE Center

Kelli’s passion flows from her heart. In addition to her enduring professionalism and artistic talent, she has the gift of making people feel welcome, feel beautiful, and feel hopeful. I consider her to be an integral part of the healing process.

Margaret J. (Randy) Magley, LPC, NCC

Kelli’s professionalism and expertise in her field maker her an excellent choice for clients requesting this type of service. In addition, her gentle and caring nature make all those who come to her feel special. Her warmth spreads to her clients and enables them to have a positive experience in the midst of an otherwise difficult time, and they will leave looking and feeling their best!

Barbara B. Allen, Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner

I have known Kelli For many years and I have seen her develop and grow as a professional and as a caring, ethical, and compassionate businesswoman. She is an asset to our community and she is making a difference in the quality of people’s lives. If you should ever need her services you will find that Kelli will add a depth of richness to your life as well.

Jeffrey D. Berklich, DC, MPH, FACO. | Fellow Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists | Area Chair-Health, University of Phoenix-Atlanta Campus

Kelli constantly demonstrates concern for her clients. She truly cares about their satisfaction with her work. You always feel comforted that she’s totally focused on giving you the style that you want. She does a wonderful job of balancing her talent, her professionalism, and her compassion for her clients.

Dr. Ruth Clemens, North Georgia Gynecology

Just wanted you to know how happy I was with the service you showed my daughter at such a difficult time and information you shared with us was so helpful and valuable. When Julie cut Elizabeth’s hair she was so thoughtful and gave her some great information, also this is a very hard thing to deal; with and you both made that experience for her very warming. We will definitely recommend your service to anyone who needs it.


Thank you for your many kindnesses and expertise. You are making this process so much easier than I ever imagined. You are a blessing.


Thank you so much for all your help and expertise in selecting, fitting, and caring for my wig. You would not believe the positive comments I received saying it looked like my real hair. Some people even ask was I not going to lose my hair. Thanks again for being so caring and sharing yourself and your time.


I was given a brochure by my oncology office for Illuminations.
I researched the wig market in the Roswell area and when I called Illuminations there was an immediate connection for me. Once I visited the shop I knew why. Everyone I came in contact with was concerns and caring and knowledgeable. Kelli told me when I would start losing my hair and she was right on the money. Fourteen days after my first chemo, my hair started to fall out in clumps.

I had given Kelli a favorite hair picture from my daughter’s wedding and matched it perfectly.
The entire staff at Illuminations made me feel comfortable and confident. They were all thoughtful and kind .The results of my wig were amazing. No one, that doesn’t know ahead of time, can tell it’s a wig!!!
Thank you Kelli and your staff for making this experience so positive and pleasant.